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powerguardCMF 2-M

Powerguard CMF 2-M




- Industrial grade protection
- Filtration for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
- Filtration for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
- Filtration for high voltage spikes
- Easy replacement
- Low cost

DESCRIPTION The new generation CMF 2-M (Module) range of Protection Filter are all extremely efficient and powerful In-Line Electronic Power Protection Filters. They can be used in both single and three phase applications.

Designed to give the highest possible protection for sensitive electronic equipment, the CMF 2-M Filter uses a multiple combination of quality components to ensure the highest possible protection.

The CMF 2-M range not only has the capacity to re-direct or shunt over voltage occurrences to earth but with it’s multiple component combination, the CMF2 filters also have a massive capacity to absorb dangerous high voltages ‘spikes’ up to 28,500 Amps, giving the user unparalleled protection, including earth circuit filtration.

The CMF-2M Filters automatically detect and react against high voltage ‘spikes’ and electrical interference such as EMI & RFI in both common and differential mode, protecting sensitive electronic equipment and minimising the risk of damage from dangerous occurrences that commonly cause breakdown, data loss / data corruption in computers, and long term damage and destruction of many other forms of sensitive electronic equipment. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS - Dedicated Mains supply
- Telecommunication Equipment
- Complete Home, Office and Factory circuits
- All computer driven Industrial Equipment whether single or 3 - phase
- In Fact, All Forms of Sensitive Electronic Equipment
DIMENSIONS Supply voltage :
Maximum Continuous Current :
Clamping Voltage :
Reaction Time :
Maximum Joules Absorption :
Maximum Amps Absorption :
Filtration - RFI & EMI :
Terminals Rating :
Mounting :
Housing :
Temperature :
Protection :
Lift up Terminals :
220/240V AC - 50HZ
20 Amps
275V RMS
Less Than 25nS
800 Joules
28,500 Amps
> -40dB at 50K HZ (60 Ohm Impedance)
30 Amps - 500V
DIN Rail - EN 50022-35
Self Extinguishing Noryl UL V-0
-20°C - 60°C
Flex 0,2 - 2,5
Solid 0,2 - 4 CMF 2 - M 01-070-025: 71mm W x 90mm H x 58mm D
4 - modules wide
WEIGHT: 220 grm


Price  $180-00 inc gst ,  plus delivery