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kordz lux hdmi


LUX Ultimate Experience HDMI Cables


 kordz lux


The Kordz LUX™ Ultimate HDMI® cable employs the best engineering, materials and production processes to create an interconnect that honours its namesake for benchmark performance - purist video, rich blacks and stunning HD Audio. The LUX HDMI® cable is endorsed by Mr. Joseph Kane, designed especially to pair with premium audio visual devices, system design and calibration for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Lux - n. a unit of luminosity (light level) over a given area, with the reference being the illumination level of a full moon on a clear night at tropical latitudes (1 Lux). In video reproduction, the benchmark for performance can be likened to the night sky; deep black with the stars providing brilliant contrast, broad color gamut and fine detail

  • Flexible, flat-profile cables allow reduced skew and shallow mounting depth
  • SureFit™ palladium plated die-cast connector with copper pins fits firmly into HDMI receptacle without falling out
  • Ultra-sonic automatic soldered free-air terminals create reduced capacitance and digital jitter for consistently high data rate support.
  • Copper pins, terminated using the B.O.S.S. auto soldering technique for consistent and reliable signal integrity
  • High gauge solid-core OFC (Oxygen free copper) with 12% silver plating on the critical TMDS conductors for high performance
  • Palladium plated connectors
  • 2kg retention force
  • Seven lengths from 0.5m/1’7” to 10.0m/32’9”
  • Ethernet and Audio return channel
  • Ultra HD/4K video, 1080p60, 3D, HD Audio and High Speed across all lengths.
  • HDMI compliant
  • LUX cables have an Immortal Lifetime Warranty.
0.5m LUX-HD0050 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
1.0m LUX-HD0100 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
1.5m LUX-HD0150 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
2.0m LUX-HD0200 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
3.0m LUX-HD0300 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet    $446.00 inc gst and delivery
5.0m LUX-HD0500 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
7.5m LUX-HD0750 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   
10m LUX-HD1000 24AWG High Speed with Ethernet   



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