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gold eclipse


Wire world  Gold Eclipse 7 speaker cable


Gold Eclipse 6



With solid silver conductors that illuminate fine details and the impressive dynamics of the Octo DNA Helix design, Gold Eclipse 7 provides fidelity that is second only to the Platinum for about half the cost. The fantastic resolution of solid silver will help you make the most of your high-end system.









Octo DNA Helix

Qty: 8 (96 strands)    Gauge: 11AWG  |  4 sq. mm

Solid Silver

Composilex 2

Silver-clad Uni-Term

GES (Standard);  GEB (Biwired)

Price  per pair


wire world gold eclipse GES cable 3.0 mt  $18,625.00


wire world gold eclipse GEB cable 3.0 mt  $18,625.00


for every exrtra mt  $ 3999.00




 termination charge

 for 2 to 4 plugs either end  $599.00

 for 2 to 2 plugs either end  $799.00

all conections are banana to banana

spade connections are also available

all prices inc gst and delivery





Wire world  Gold Eclipse speaker cable Bi wire




bi wire gold eclipse wireworlrd






























Wire world gold eclipse 7 rca or xlr cable


gold eclipse 6



With a genuine sense of tactile 3D imaging and dynamic musical expression, Gold Eclipse 7 illuminates fine details while preserving the rich tonal colors of acoustic instruments and voices. Enjoy the superior resolution of solid silver conductors without compromising body and warmth.



 wire world gold ecilpse  0.5 mt  $ 1599.00    

 wire world gold ecilpse  1.0 mt   $2565.00

 for every mt $2799.00

all price inc gst and delivery


EXTRA PER MT $1999.00

xlr version is a special order please enquire on pricing