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Innovations in the field of high-end audio were always those things that marked the evolution and fuelled the continuation of research in high fidelity. Innovative ideas throughout this evolution in most - if not all - cases were the result of both scientific knowledge and inspiration, and mainly acoustic documentation and proof.

With that in mind in Echo-Diastasis we design and produce our products, which we believe include all the elements that make up a handmade musical instrument. So they are assembled entirely by hand, with continuous and individual control of all parts to the last production step. The choice of materials is made with the highest standards and everything is thoroughly tested before the product reaches the consumer. All our products carry special design E-core transformers, to achieve the maximum possible RF noise rejection ,from the mains power feed.


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Intergated amplifier 1-79


integrated amplifier - i-79      more info



Phono preamp   PH-79


phono amplifier - ph-79    more info



Pre amplifier  PRE-79

pre amplifier - pre-79   more info



Power amplifier A-79


power amplifier - a-79   more info