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X 32

Speaker Cables - X32

rkcable x32 silver speaker cable

x32 silver speaker cable from homegrown audo

Each pair of X32™ speaker cables is comprised of 32 solid silver conductor strands. These high purity conductors are individually encased in the finest FEP Teflon insulation and then carefully woven in-house to form an optimized Litz-concept braid.

All X-series cables utilize a proprietary center core matrix that is exceptionally effective at acoustically damping the cable. This limits microphonic distortion as well as other problems that plague most speaker cable designs.

Though fashioned as a cost-no-object product, the X32™ still remains a remarkable value… in fact, over three hundred feet of solid silver wire is used to produce a single eight foot pair of X32™ speaker cables. Indeed, prior to the introduction of the X32™, cables of similar design and composition were available only in the $5,000+ price range.

Standard termination includes LOK SureGrip™ rhodium over silver spades or banana plug connectors.

Also available in true double bi-wire configuration!


lace silver speakerbox


  • High purity (99.99+% pure) solid silver conductors

  • Optimized braid geometry

  • Proprietary dampening core matrix

  • Finest FEP Teflon dielectric throughout

  • LOK SureGrip™ rhodium over silver spade or banana plug termination

Available in banana or spade termination in the following lengths


Standard full range in the following lengths

6 foot  $1650.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery

8 foot  $2200.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery

10 foot $2750.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery

12 foot $3300,00 inc gst ,  plus delivery


Bi wire

6 foot  $3300.00 inc gst  , plus delivery

8 foot  $4400.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery

10 foot $5500.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery

12 foot $6600,00 inc gst  , plus delivery