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It is learned that vibration is archenemy affecting acoustic quality. Usually there are two resolutions. One is absorption; the other is isolation. But the XINDAK engineers have developed a new device, named as Spherical Cone Baseplate For Vibration Tuning, to solve damage to acoustic quality because of vibration. Its principle is to convert vertical vibration into horizontal displacement. The structure of SCBVT is: putting a ball in a pit of compact inert material, the base of acoustics put on the ball in a form of point contact. The result is: first, it makes play of isolating vibration; secondly, hazardous vibration of acoustics equably spreads inside the whole inert base through the ball and is absorbed. Meanwhile assortment of the base and the ball material is able to tune hazardous vibration of the former system in frequency point hurtless to acoustic quality. It will greatly reduce adverse affection from vibration and improve acoustic quality. Actual audition has proved adopting bases and balls of different materials gains different effects of acoustic quality and tone color. It is enough just to put three blocks with balls like a triangle under acoustics such as CD for use.


Material: Base made of graphite of high purity (99.99%) + Ball made of high-carbon steel

Review: It has abundant gradation and soft-sweet sounding. MF has best analysis of voice with music effect. LF has moderate strength and soft sound with analysis and magnetic flexibility. Suggestion from the Factory: It is best suitable for upgrading acoustics that has too weak HF and too strong LF.


High quality Graphite base with steel ball.

Reduces vibration improves tone.

Set of 3 per package.