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Thor Tech. CM90

Thor Tech. CM90


Thor technologies CM90 cm90-cavity-mountb

This is  perfect  for those who wish to keep things out of site or do not have the room to.It can be installed in the wall install a power filter cavity behind your existing power point or it can be fitted into the ceiling for use with your projector .


  • High Capacity premium series active tracking (cavity mountable)
  • AC Mains Filter + Surge protection isolation module

Designed by Australia’s most experienced power protection team for Australian conditions a 100% owned Australian Company using strict quality control. Surge Shield Pro Series with its unique Dual Bank Isolation Cascade™ circuitry provides maximum value protection for all your electronic equipment. 32 separate and discrete components working in both series and parallel provide a failsafe barrier against virtually all categories of electrical disturbances, so common with today’s power grids.

When it comes to minimising your equipment risk, we make no wild or glossy promises. Our products do what we say they do. The team at THOR Technologies have individually engineered each product to be the best in its class. Best price. Best performance. Best value.

Thor dynamic active Tracking circuit™ A unique THOR bonus - this (pat. pending) protection strategy encompasses self-diagnostic and corrective circuitry. Traditional power surge protection always relies on simple surge absorbing circuitry at pre-defined points on the wave form. However, THOR Dynamic Active Tracking™ monitors the sine wave, instantaneously sensing and clamping transient spikes and surges to a safe level, regardless of where they appear on the wave form. THOR additionally filters and cleans all incoming power and through its unique 3-Bank isolation, prevents EMI and RFI pollution as well as inter-circuit back EMF - all of which are major contributors to software glitches and hardware damage.

Note: 15 amp model available on request. 


Model No                                                                          CM90

Supply Voltage                                                                  240/Vac 50/Hz

Clamping Voltage                                                             275Vac

Reaction Time Less than                                                  1 Nano Sec

Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current (AMPS)      49,000 amps

Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules)                            1330 Joules

EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter Type                              Incorporating 16 separate                   

                                                                                           protection components

Total Number of Protected AC Outlets                            1 to 4 wall plates

Earth leakage Range                                                          Nil

Operating conditions                                                         Indoor / AC Mains

Operating Temperatures                                                    - 10C/+60C

Protection Modes (all 8 outlets Protects on all 3 conductors) Active/Neutral


Price $ 365.00 inc gst

Installation estimate for those that live within a 10km radius of Croydon

$120.00 inc gst plus safety certificate

Please note cost can vary due to the variation of different installations.


WARNING: It is illegal for persons other than licensed electrical mechanics, or persons authorised by legislation, to work on fixed wiring of any electrical installation.