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Starlight® 7


Utilizing the Symmetricon® design, derived from Wireworld’s award winning HDMI cables, Starlight 7 USB provides higher fidelity than round USB cables selling for much more. Compared to the Ultraviolet, the Starlight’s sound is richer and more three-dimensional. Starlight also functions better over longer lengths than other USB cables, while enhancing the clarity, depth and dynamics of media server, PC audio, and other digital music applications.

ultraviolet 7 usb

Wireworld's Symmetricon® design utilizes 4 signal conductors to create 4 efficient paths for electromagnetic energy; twice as many as conventional USB cable. The Starlight 7 also features Compolisex® 2 insulation technology to control electrostatic energy.


Another special feature of all Wireworld USB audio cables is a shielded, noise absorbing power conductor that is isolated from the signal conductors for cleaner power and the ultimate in sonic purity.

starlight 7 usb cable info




Conductor type:

Silver-clad oxygen-free copper

Available lengths:  0.3m, 0.5m*, 1.0m*, 2.0m*, 3.0m & 5.0m 

Available as:
Type A
plug to Type-B , all lengths
*Type A plug to Mini-B, 0.5m 1.0m & 2.0m only

Wire world starlight usb   0.5 mt $159.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Wire world  starlight usb 1.0 mt   $179.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Wire world starlight usb  2.0 mt   $219.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Wire world starlight usb  3.0 mt   $248.00 inc gst and delivery

Wire world starlight usb  5.0 mt   $319.00 inc gst and delivery