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Q acoustics.


R.K.CABLE is proud to bring to you the following speakers from Q acoustics .




Q Acoustics is not like other loudspeaker manufacturers. It has never been a small independent company. It is a brand of the specialist British manufacturer and distribution company Armour Home and was established in 2006 with the sole aim of designing, producing and selling attractive, well made loudspeakers that would deliver a sonic performance previously thought impossible at their price points. In other words, the best value loudspeakers in the world.

Was that goal realistic? Surely, if it were possible to make better, even more competitive speakers, one of the big established brands would have done it already? How could we possibly compete? We recognised the enormity of such a task but, because a number of the Q Acoustics team had previously held senior positions with other hi-fi manufacturers, we were confident it was achievable. We simply had to form a design team which included the world's best loudspeaker designers. So that's what we did.

The disadvantage of starting a new brand is that you have no history and experience to help you.

The great advantage of starting a new brand is that you have no history and experience to get in the way. We've had the huge advantage of starting the design of every product from a blank piece of paper. The result? Q Acoustics has enjoyed outstanding success from the very start; sending seismic shocks through the UK loudspeaker industry, scooping prestigious awards and receiving unprecedented praise from reviewers worldwide. In 2012, Q Acoustics 2000i Series loudspeakers received no fewer than three coveted 'What HI-FI? Sound & Vision Magazine' awards. Today, Q Acoustics' outstanding range of loudspeakers includes in-ceiling, in-wall and weatherproof 'Custom Installation' models, 'Style' and 'Conventional' Home Cinema designs, 'Media' speakers, Television sound reinforcement systems and of course, superb hi-fi stereo speakers.