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Powerguard CMF 3

Powerguard CMF 3




- Industrial grade protection
- Filtration for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
- Filtration for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
- Filtration for high voltage spikes
- Easy replacement
- Low cost


The CMF range of Protection Filters are all extremely efficient and powerful In-Line electronic Power Protection Filters. They can be used in both single and three phase applications.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia to give the highest possible protection for sensitive electronic equipment, the CMF Filters use a multiple combination of quality components to ensure the highest possible protection.



The CMF 3 was purpose designed for OEM's for use inside of sensitive equipment rather than DIN rail mounting.

OEM - All forms of high quality manufactured electronic equipment requiring clean power to operate to maximum efficiency - ie Kilns, Dishwashers, Gaming Machines etc

The CMF 3 not only has the capacity to re-direct or shunt over voltage occurrences to earth but with it's multiple component combination, the CMF 3 filter also has the capacity to absorb dangerous high voltage 'spikes' up to 11,500 Amps, giving the user unparalleled internal protection.

The CMF 3 Filter automatically detects and reacts against high voltage 'spikes' and electrical interference such as EMI & RFI in both common and differential mode, protecting your sensitive electronic equipment and minimising the risk of damage from dangerous occurrences that commonly cause breakdown, data loss / data corruption in computers, and long term damage and destruction of many other forms of sensitive electronic equipment.


CMF 3 : 90mm W x 60mm H x 25mm D
WEIGHT : 230 grm




Supply voltage :
Maximum Continuous Current :
Clamping Voltage :
Reaction Time :
Maximum Joules Absorption :
Maximum Amps Absorption :
Filtration - RFI & EMI :
Terminals Rating :
Mounting :

220/240V AC - 50HZ
20 Amps
275V RMS
Less Than 25nS
280 Joules
11,500 Amps
> -40dB at 50K HZ (60 Ohm Impedance)
Max 25 Amps
OEM - international



Price $160.00 inc gst ,  plus delivery