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PS Audio-dectet

The Dectet Power Center brings music to life




Detect Power Centre

The Dectet Power Center is built to power your entire system with improved dynamics, increased harmonic integrity and an open spacious soundstage that can be breathtaking.

Ten individually hand wired Power Port outlets, three isolated zones and all available at a price you can afford.  Filtration is handled through large core high permeability magnetic devices wound with heavy gauge OFC providing both common mode and differential mode filtering you can both measure and hear.

Each of the Power Port outlets on the Dectet are hand wired with a star wiring system that provides similar benefits to having individual dedicated lines feeding each piece in your high-end audio system.

Best of all, the Dectet is hand built in our Boulder Colorado facilities by skilled craftsmen who care about the products they build with the PS Audio brand on them.

  • 3 isolated zones
  • 10 receptacles
  • Individually hand wired outlets
  • Common and differential mode filtering
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • Surge protection
  • Handles an entire system

AUSTRALIAN RRP $745.00 inc gst and delivery