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powerguard duo extended delay pgde3702


Designed and Engineered in Australia by PowerGuard Protective Electronics, PowerGuard Duo Extended Delay is stand out proven protection with innovative patented technology.

Designed to provide over voltage, surge and under voltage (sag, brownout) protection, PowerGuard Duo Extended Delay is a totally unique micro-processor controlled protective device, factory set to provide a safe operating window for the direct connected equipment. PowerGuard is fully automatic, designed for a 230/240 Volt 50Hz or 110/120 Volt 60 Hz AC Mains electrical supply.

As soon as the AC voltage supply moves outside the safe operating window (190 Volts Low to 265 Volts High/230V AC 50Hz) PowerGuard Duo Extended Delay immediately switches OFF power to the protected equipment and remains OFF until a safe mains supply voltage is detected, giving sensitive equipment proper protection when needed and whenever isolation occurs, providing the connected equipment with a vital minimum time delay before power is restored (e.g. prevents pixel damage in plasma screens).

The PowerGuard Duo Extended Delay is not earth dependent or amperage reacting, therefore events such as loss of a neutral link and the resultant continuous high voltage is rapidly detected and protection is activated, before damaging your vital electrical or electronic equipment. Reliable protection 24/7.


• Dual protected AC outlets
• Over voltage and surge protection
• Under voltage (brown out) protection
• Slow average fluctuation protection
• Extended Time delay (approximately 3 minutes) auto reset - on safe power


Recommended applications


• Home entertainment - TV, CD/DVD players and recorders

• Home Cinema Projectors

• Refrigeration equipment - fridges, freezers etc.

• Air conditioners


Electrical Rating 230/240V 50Hz or 110/120V 60Hz 10 Amps (2400w) Reaction Time

<1 n/Second (destructive)
<5 m/Seconds (non destructive)

High Voltage Rating

265 Volts (Factory Set)


<1 n/second (destructive)

Low Voltage Rating

190 Volts (Factory Set)

Operational Tempreture

-10 to 70°C

Detection Time

<1 m/Second (non destructive)



- $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty**
- Lifetime Warranty**

** Terms and Conditions Apply


Price $169.00 inc gst