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MiniMe 8-in



The MiniMe P8 / FF8 subwoofers have a much smaller cabinet and footprint than commonly sold products, and accommodate a tiny 8-inch driver new to the Earthquake family, providing a suprising bass response and high output unlike any other 8 in. on the market. The SLAPS patented passive radiator ensures that even this tiny area moves as a absolute piston right through the subwoofer bandwidth and beyond.

Driven by our 320W Class-D amplifier, this driver can produce king-sized amounts of bass power with absolute control - enough for most large high-end projects.

All-inclusive controls are provided so that the subwoofer can be integrated seamlessly into either a multi-channel or 2-channel installation. Also the MiniMe FF8 allows users/custom installers to get flexible with its front firing stance. Providing a unit that is sealed without a passive radiator makes the product very easy to install in cabinets or custom projects


  • Built in 320-Watt, high efficiency digital amplifier

  • Long throw, premium quality drivers

  • Convenient compact size

  • Automatic signal-sensing turn-on and stand-by mode

  • Perfect for all sub applications

  • Operation status LEDs

  • SLAPS Patented Passive radiator technology unit or Front Fring sealed units

  • RCA & high level inputs

  • Selective variable crossover

  • Input Sensitivity Full Output: 240mVrms from left input with volume control at max, 90mVrms with volume control fully clockwise and both RCAs used

  • Frequency Adjustment: 50Hz - 160Hz Phase Shift: 0-180° High Cut Filter: 35Hz-100Hz Output Levels: Greater than 108dB peak SPL (includes room gain) from 25Hz to 90Hz

  • Sub Operation Switch: In LFE position, the frequency adjustment becomes disabled and the subwoofer runs in a Full range mode, from 20Hz - 2kHz. While in Sub position the subwoofer reverts to the manual frequency adjustment, allowing the user to operate and fine tune the subwoofer

   Price RRP:  

MiniMe 8 $1100.00 inc gst , plus delivery