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Magne Tonearm







Magne Tonearm


The Magne tonearm is a linear tracking airbearing design. The moving part of the tonearm simply floats on a thin cushion of air, and is led only by the stylus tip and the record grove.


Simplicity is the keyword for Bergmann Audio.

We focus on a thoroughly considered simple construction, made with few parts in solid materials, to avoid unintended resonances and to secure optimum stability.

These small important details, create the intense and life-like reproduction.


The armtube and head shell are the first parts which must control, the grove modulation and vibrations when the cartridge tracks the record grove.

The Magne tonearm (the moving part) is designed and assembled as one, non-adjustable unit, which consists of an aluminium sliding pipe, carbon armtube (double tube with damping) and the head shell. The head shell is fixed completely parallel to the sliding pipe, for a perfect azimuth. The counter weight is decoupled from the armtube.

The moving parts’ simple construction with no adjustable/vibrating parts, have no mechanical contact to the fixed part of the tonearm.

The advantage of this simple construction is a completely unhindered signal transmission.

Adjustments: VTA, overhang, levelling. Azimuth by a spacer.

Strength in the linear tracking airbearing tonearm

The Linear tracking tonearm tracks the record as it is pressed = no tracking error.

The benefit is a distortion free and relaxed reproduction, even at complex passages.

One more important advantage of the airbearing is the tonearm’s immunity to acoustic feedback, as it has no mechanical contact (the moving part) to the turntable. The only contact is through the stylus tip and the tonearm wire.


Timbre, details and nuances, is a natural part of the transparent and vivid acoustic image.

The 3D spaciousness, layering between instruments and zero tracking error is something traditional tonearm finds hard to achieve.


Finally the linear tracking tonearm is very easy to setup.

Air supply

The air supply has been the object of our greatest attention. The goal is to design a silent air supply, which could be placed in the listening room, and deliver an even, clean and dry air flow.

The pump is an oil free, long life unit, which do not require any maintenance.      


The impulses from the pump are absorbed in an encapsulated reservoir. This results in an even airflow to the air bearing. The air supply is mounted with a filter, which prevents dust particles in entering the system. This filter is replaceable when necessary.



Technical specifications


Linear tracking airbearing tonearm.


Armtube damped inside.

Counter weight decoupled from armtube.

Adjustments: VTA, overhang, leveling.

NOTE: The minimum height, measuring from the plinth to the top of the platter, must be 45mm.



High quality copper litz.


Gold plated copper.





Effective mass: 11g.


Weight: Incl. armboard, 1.200g. 





Dimension: 20 x 90 x 151mm (H x W x L)

Costumized armboard on request.



Silent, clean, dry and smooth airflow. Replaceable dust filter.



135 x 155 x 330 (H x W x L)





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