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Digital Cables




Latin for the word ‘truth', the name Veritas™ accurately describes the faithful and uncompromising performance of this solid silver impedance-matched digital cable. The Veritas disappears inside your system, and unlike many digital designs presents you with music that is well balanced and natural sounding.

The Veritas™ is specially engineered and constructed to manage the ultra-high frequencies employed in digital signal transmissions. Featuring a 22 AWG ultra pure solid silver signal conductor, redundant shielding, and all Teflon dielectric, the Veritas™ is stunningly neutral and virtually impervious to the entire spectrum of RF/EMI interference.

  • High purity, solid silver signal conductor.

  • Finest Teflon Dielectric throughout

  • True 75 ohm characteristic impedance, end to end

  • Exceptional RF and EMI resistance.

  • Terminated with true 75 ohm RCA or BNC type connectors.

  1.0 mt. $125.00  INC GST ,  PLUS DELIVERY


  1.5. MT. $ 157.00  INC GST  , PLUS DELIVERY

  2.0. MT. $ 189.00  INC GST ,  PLUS DELIVERY

  2.5 MT.  $ 221.00  INC GST  , PLUS DELIVERY