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Bergmann audio


The idea

Playing a record is a quite simple process. The record must rotate in a constant speed, and the cartridge must be lead steadily through the record groove. Despite this simple process, there are extremely important considerations to be made in mechanic- and electric matters, and choice of material in a precarious balance between construction, user-friendliness and design.


Our life-long passion in music, vinyl and the airbearing technique, form the basis of Bergmann Audio. We believe in the simple solutions -  simple the optimal way. We believe that a turntable must consist of as few parts as possible, to avoid any interference with the sound. Every single part in our turntables is carefully considered in its function, material and design.


An airbearing turntable is an advanced construction. But our goal has been to develop airbearing turntables and linear tracking airbearing tonearms with as few components as possible.


Our goal was to further develop and optimize the airbearing principal combined with a user-friendly and Scandinavian design. The basic function should be optimized to complete perfection. On our reference model Sleipner, the platter is both supported and centered by air. Simply the platter is floating. No mechanical contact - no bearing noise.




It is a must for us to combine simplicity and Scandinavian design with our airbearing philosophy and the right materials to secure an extraordinary sound.


The keywords are:

- Less is more -

Our first product on the market, Model Sindre, is by customers called:

- A piece of art -

All mechanical components in the turntables and tonearms are developed by Johnnie Bergmann and manufactured innhouse by Bergmann Audio. Every single product is assambled and tested at Bergmann Audio`s workshop, before they are sent to our carefully selected distributors- and vendor network.


Our products are named after the Northern Mythology - a collection of truly vigorous and positive tales. We hope that our users will get an intense and positive musical experience through our products and will:


Experience the music as the composers meant it to be.

Why air?

In important points an airbearing is superior to other bearing solutions. The airsupported bearing, which is frictionless, reduces bearing noise to a minimum, together with an exeptional speed stability. The linear tracking airbearing tonearm also gains an advantage by the use of airbearing technology. The tonearm glides frictionless, its only contact with the turntable being through the stylus tip and the wire of the tonearm.


The unique friction freedom in the bearings is expressed through a gripping musical timing, where nuances and details are a natural part of the transparent and vivid acoustic image. Our turntables are, among other things, commented on as having an unexpected fast and very effective bass response.


On our reference model Sleipner the platter is supported and centred by air. This means that the platter has no physical contact with the rest of the turntable - except from the contact with the driving belt - and with that no friction or mechanical noise at all.


Johnnie Bergmann

Designer & Manager





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