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Atlas asimi

XLR Interconnects : Asimi XLR

asimi xlr interconnect


Product Information

Atlas stunned the industry with the introduction of what is probably the highest performance interconnect and speaker cable available at it's price; a cable researched, designed and developed in Scotland by Atlas (Scotland) Ltd. The Atlas Mavros.

That was just the beginning, we're now proud to reveal the extraordinary Atlas Asimi symmetrical interconnect. Building on the work that led to the Mavros design, the Asimi adopts the same World-leading construction, but with the added benefits of pure silver conductors, manufactured using the highest-quality technique for drawing pure silver. "Ohno Continuous Cast" or OCC , used in the manufacture of high quality Atlas copper cables, increases conductivity of the material, in this case pure silver, by ensuring that there is less than one grain or signal deleting crystal boundary in about 700 feet of conductor! OCC silver allows the signal to travel through a continuous conductor instead os traversing repeated grain boundaries - in other words, the signal has a faster, cleaner and more direct path to follow.

Our attention was once again focussed on the coating that insulates and protects the silver. The Asimi has these conductors enveloped in our new microporous Teflon to give a greater velocity of propagation ( VOP ). This new air spaced foam improves on the performance of the best solid teflon or PTFE insulators, by providing a 30% greater signal velocity and better integrity, particularly in the area of high frequency delivery. This is achieved because the new material has a dielectric constant of around 1.3 - significantly better than the 2.1 achieved by the more typical PTFE insulators which up to now were the best available in Hi Fi or audio visual applications.

The Asimi interconnect is supplied terminated with the Atlas OCC solder free XLR connectors.

The construction of the Asimi silver interconnect cable consists of a pair of conductors, each made up from six bundles of 12 mult conductor wires plus a thicker wire in the centre. Each bundle of conductors is insulated with a layer of microporous Teflon and surrounded by a FPE (Mylar) jacket which in turn is covered by a continuous Copper-Mylar electrostatic screen and a silver plated copper close weave shielding braid ensuring the minimal pick up of RF interference and noise. The outer sheath is made from hard wearing PVC covered by a decorative silver/white woven cotton.

The Asimi interconnect cable is designed to be 'invisible' - delivering performance comparable to no direct connection of the signal. The Asimi is an outstanding product, designed by Atlas to reveal the entire content of the recording. In listening tests, the results are surprising; the Asimi introduces an air and ambience of sound hitherto hidden. Visit an Atlas stockist, listen and prepare to be amazed! Once heard, you'll never want to listen with another interconnect and speaker cable combination again.


Product Specifications: FeaturesAvailable LengthsTechnical Data
Construction : Symmetrical
Conductor Material : OCC Silver
Screen Type/Material : Braid SPC + Cu Mylar
Screen Coverage %: 100%
Dielectric : Microporous PTFE
Connector : Solder Free XLR Plug
Lengths :

0.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m

also available in custom lengths.

Capacitance (pF/m) : 50.17PF/M
Resistance (Ohms/m @20°C): : 0.0181 O/M at 23oC
Inductance (µH/m @1 kHz) : 0.7162 uH/M
Velocity of propagation : 0.81 VOP


asimi xlr 0.5 mt    $2999.00 inc gst , plus delivery

asimi xlr 0.75 mt  $3599.00 inc gst , plus delivery

asimi xlr 1.0 mt    $3999.00 inc gst , plus delivery

asimi xlr 1.5 mt    $4499.00 inc gst , plus delivery

asimi xlr 2.0 mt    $4999.00 inc gst , plus delivery

asimi xlr 3.0 mt    $6499.00 inc gst , plus delivery

For every extra stereo mt  $1755.80