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Atlas ascent

Ascent Symmetrical XLR- XLR

ascent xlr interconnect

Ascent Symmetrical XLR- XLR

The new Atlas Ascent Symmetrical XLR to XLR analogue audio interconnect is the first of our Reference range of products; it employs an OFC screen with copper mylar to give a 100% RFI rejection The signal carrying conductors are our high purity, grain free OCC copper laid in a concentric fashion and contained in a polyethylene foam dielectric. The outer PVC sheath is surrounded in a beautiful grey woven fabric finish.

In the Ascent we do not place barriers from materials of different characteristics such as solder in the signal path; therefore the XLR plugs employed are our unique Atlas plugs.

The Ascent XLR to XLR analogue audio interconnect uses separate going and return conductors together with a woven screen. The screen with 100% coverage, rejects RFI interference. The two separate conductors dedicated to the going and the return signals are wired separately from the ground conductor. The Atlas XLR plugs employed are a unique design that needs no solder at the conductor to plug interface.

Atlas XLR plugs are wired as follows:

  • Pin 1 = Ground
  • Pin 2 = Hot
  • Pin 3 = Cold

A few amplifier producers wire their systems with different conventions. Always check with the manufacturers instructions before ordering. If you need these wired in a different way, the factory will do that for you. Because the conductor to plug interface is crimped, they may not readily be altered in retrospect.

With the Atlas Ascent balanced interconnect, you can hear more. The construction is designed to reject noise and interference. The grain free OCC conductors with Teflon dielectrics improve signal transfer by reducing harmful deletions; with the Ascent cables, you'll experience the joys of listening to a big band-width signal with excellent VOP (velocity of propagation).

We recommend you do not use these interconnects with another type of speaker cable that's incapable of taking the big band width signal that this interconnect will provide.



Product Specifications: FeaturesAvailable LengthsTechnical Data
Construction : Symmetrical
Conductor Material : OCC
Screen Type/Material : Braid OFC+AL Mylar
Screen Coverage %: 100%
Dielectric : PEF
Connector : Solder Free XLR Plug
Lengths :

0.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m

also available in custom lengths.

Capacitance (pF/m) : 97.27 PF/M
Resistance (Ohms/m @20°C): : 0.0288 O/M AT 20oC
Inductance (µH/m @1 kHz) : 0.954 uH/M at 1KHz
Velocity of propagation : 0.679


Atlas ascent xlr 0.5 mt $869.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Atlas ascent xlr 0.75 mt $919.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Atlas ascent xlr 1.0 mt $969.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Atlas ascent xlr 015 mt $1049.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Atlas ascent xlr 2.0 mt $1139.00 inc gst , plus delivery

Atlas ascent xlr 3.0  mt $1339.00 inc gst , plus delivery